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Meet Susie. 

Susie entered foster care at the age of two when her mother overdosed on prescription drugs and had to be in the hospital for several weeks. Susie's father was incarcerated for domestic violence.

When Susie entered foster care, she could not speak and she was scared of bedtime and strangers. 

Susie was placed with a loving, caring, and patient foster family and was given a CASA Volunteer! 

Through monthly contact with Susie, the CASA Volunteer realized Susie had an Aunt who lived in the area and that Susie really loved her cousins. The CASA volunteer also realized that Susie needed help with her speech and controlling her emotions. 

Now Susie is four and thanks to her CASA Volunteer Susie is living with her Aunt and cousins and is thriving-- she is enjoying preschool and is learning to read, she goes to weekly play therapy sessions. Next month, Susie's Aunt is adopting her. 

Be a CASA Volunteer and advocate for the best interest of a child like Susie.

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