Why is CASA Important in the life of a Child?

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National Statistics:


A Child with a CASA Advocate spends EIGHT fewer months in foster care than a child without a CASA.



A Child with a CASA Advocate changes placements, on average, 5x less!


A Child who has a CASA Volunteer is more likely to be placed with their siblings and in a home of a responsible family member, instead of in a stranger's foster care home or a group home. 


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What does this mean?

Having a CASA Volunteer Advocate means a child has much-needed stability. 


A Child that changes homes has to relearn the rules of the house, has new foster siblings, it means a new school, a new teacher, new classmates, a new doctor, a new therapist. Each change in foster homes is trauma.


Children that are able to stay with a responsible family member or their siblings do better emotionally connecting



CASA Testimonials: