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Be a Holiday Helper and shop for a child/youth in foster care and in our community!

It's super easy and tax deductible! 

How does it work?


Each year, Alcovy CASA and Southeastern Psychological Associates team up to help provide families gifts for their teenagers. Oftentimes community support for holiday assistance stops at the age of 12, but those children that are 13 and up have needs, feelings, and wants too. So we have created this wish list that helps families meet both needs and wants through your support! We try to focus on specific items our kiddos have asked for to make it extra special and personal.


All you have to do is click the wish list link, choose the items you'd like to donate, and check out. The items will be shipped directly to Lindsay at the Alcovy CASA office. Don't worry when the shipping address is not your own, this is correct! Our team of elves will receive and sort the gifts from their office and make sure the families receive your gifts before Christmas Eve.


And as always, your donation is tax-deductible. Make sure you print off your letter and attach your Amazon receipt to it. 


Thank you again! 

Christmas Decoration

Once you have ordered from Amazon, or donated wrapping supplies to the office, please click below for your tax donation letter. THANK you for your heart for children!

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